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Good deal Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro: the top of the range has a 24% discount

Good deal Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro: the top of the range has a 24% discount

Today, it’s a nice cut pointing to the tip of its nose for the top of the range from Xiaomi. Mi 10T Pro is now benefiting from a massive 24% drop which can be found below.

The phone market is not what it was ten years ago. For several years, Chinese companies have been doing well and marketing some of the best-selling models. Great alternatives to eternal Samsung and Apple devices at often low prices. Among the great heroes we find Xiaomi, now the third largest smartphone seller in the world It recently unveiled its Mi MIX Fold model. And it is precisely one of the best high-end manufacturers on sale today. On Fnac, Mi 10T Pro is down 24%!

24% Discount Medium Premium – Credit (Credits): Xiaomi

As this writing, on April 27 at 8 pm, the Mi 10T Pro will be presented in 441 euros Typically for € 599, that’s a 24% reduction by comparison. Not forgetting that the top of the Xiaomi sealed range takes advantage of the promotional codes you’ll find in this is the address. For this reduced price, the Mi 10T Pro offers you a 144Hz LCD, the ultra-powerful Snapdragon 865 SoC, a large 5000 mAh battery, or even a quad image sensor that displays its main lens of 108 megapixels! But if you are looking for a midrange range, Mi 10T Lite is also disabled.

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