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Golden Knights and Kraken: enough to make CH fans salivate

Well, okay, the Canadian is going through a regeneration. Still, it’s upsetting to see the Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights perform so well in the playoffs.

Remember what we said about the Kraken when it joined the National League two years ago. We are all unanimous in saying that the quality of his coaching fell far short of the first edition of the Golden Knights, who joined the National League four years earlier.

After a first 60-point season, the Kraken hit the 100-point plateau this year finishing seventh in the Western Conference. That’s four points ahead of the Los Angeles Kings, who edge them into third place in the Pacific Division.

Not bad for a group of untouchables!

This means that the team’s playing system is well organized and that every player plays their part well.

An excellent first choice

Kraken also had a lucky hand in his first amateur draft by laying the grappling hook on Matty Beniers. The quarterback confirmed himself in the NHL straight out of the University of Michigan last year, with nine points in 10 games. He continued his momentum this season, collecting 57 points in 80 games.

The young man is very good.

The fourth leading scorer for his team this season, Penners is part of an eight-player group that has reached the 40-point plateau. The list grows to 13 when we collect scores of 30 points or more.

With this data, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Kraken team ranked fourth in the NHL in goals scored (289).

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He is less stellar on defense, with goaltenders Philip Grubauer (. 895) and Martin Jones (. 896) keeping save rates below . 900.

But the Kraken are tied for their series against the Colorado Avalanche, who are no less than the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

It has nothing to do with luck.

It continues in Vegas

The same can be said for the Golden Knights, who racked up 50 second wins in six years and set a team record with 111 points.

They were finalists in their first year and semi-finalists three times in their first five seasons in the league. And here they are, one win away from participating in the second round.

He made Canadiens supporters drool with envy.

The Leafs moment of truth

Toronto alert.

The Leafs nation is wondering if their favorite team will be able to secure the fourth win they need to dethrone the Lightning tomorrow night.

That victory, Toronto had been waiting for since 2004. That year, the Leafs eliminated the Ottawa Senators in seven games in the first round.

Nineteen years is a long time!

Fifty-six years, or even more!

I was two weeks away from celebrating my 13th birthday when the Leafs beat the Canadiens in six games in the 1967 Finals.

The little donkey was pretty damn pretty.

The lightning is outdated

However, not many people dared to predict the end of lightning, but it seemed that the moment had arrived. I predicted the Leafs would win six games.

Why ?

Because the Lightning is just a shadow of the team we’ve known for the past three years. Signs of wear and tear appeared.

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Goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevsky will start his 76th consecutive playoff game tomorrow night.

That’s a lot of hockey.

He may be injured, but his 0.866 saves average and 4.33 goals against average are well below the standards we’re used to.

The absence of Eric Cernak, who came off an elbow to Michael Ponting’s head in the first game of the series, was felt.

Victor Hedmann was also injured in this encounter, and was not at the top of his form.

The Lightning have also lost other good players to salary cap restrictions in recent years. Important pieces of the lineup were Ryan McDonagh and Yanni Gord.

Toronto is still on its guard. The fear of losing still hovered over the city.