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Gold medal in the final relay for Charles Hamlin

Gold medal in the final relay for Charles Hamlin

Six-time Olympic medalist has the backing of Jordan Pierre Gill, Stephen Dubois and Pascal Dion. The Canadian quartet completed their mission in 6 minutes 41 seconds 257/1000.

The South Koreans (6:41.679) took the silver, while the Italians (6:43.431) narrowly beat the skaters in the Republic of China by nine thousandths of a second to take the bronze.

Third at the start of the race, the Maple Leaf reps climbed to second by about twenty laps before taking the lead the next day. Canada did excellent jobs throughout the event to maintain its prime position to the finish line.

Canadians were too The fastest of their wave in the semi-finals.

Thus Charles Hamlin became the most decorated short track skater in the country’s history with six medals, including four golds. He previously shared the national record with François-Louis Tremblay and Marc Gagnon.

Canadian torchbearers climbed to the top of the podium for the first time since the 2010 Vancouver Games. Hamlin also won silver in Turin in 2006 and bronze in Pyeongchang in 2018 in the event.

Individually, the 37-year-old won gold in the 500 meters in Vancouver and the 1500 meters in Sochi.

More details to come.

Disappointment at 1500 meters for Canada

Kim Botín, Courtney Sarlault and Danny Place were unable to qualify for the 1500m final.

In the semi-finals, Putin, Bronze medalist in the 500 . category MHe finished third in his wave. Despite good negotiation in the race, she was unable to resist an attack from Italian Ariana Fontana on the last lap.

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Courtney Sarlault could have reached the final as the third best player, but Dutchman Xandra Velzeboer beat her by 13 milliseconds.

But Putin and Sarault easily won in the quarter-finals.

As for Dana Blaise, her first Olympic race did not go as planned. The 22-year-old skater fell in quarters when she tried to pass inside.