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Godot is a free and multiplatform video game engine available in version 3.5

Nine months after Version 3.4.1 And while developers are now primarily working on version 4.0, Godot, the free and cross-platform video game engine, is moving to version 3.5. One could easily think that this new version will be lower compared to other updates, however, this is not the case at all. Engine users need a working and stable version to release their games in the near future. This is how this version that is compatible with projects created with Godot 3.X provides:

  • A navigation (and route finding) system based on the RVO2 library;
  • interpolation of 3D physical elements, which makes it possible to obtain better fluidity when switching tags of the physics engine and rendering engine;
  • single for time.
  • the ability to add text and 3D text models (without creating a UI viewport);
  • A new mechanism for accessing scene objects from code, based on unique names (usually paths);
  • New Stream containers for GUIs;
  • Shadow caching and asynchronous aggregation;
  • 3D form of occlusion to improve scenes;
  • Android support (for publisher, games can be exported to Android for a long time);
  • a substance that can be applied to an object;
  • Hundreds of bug fixes.

As usual, this is downloaded from This page.


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