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Gildor Roy’s final week at La Tour

Gildor Roy loved adventure the tower He will continue next fall because he has had “a lot” fun with his “neighbors” Helen Bourgeois Leclerc and Alexandre Barrett, as well as with the many guests he has had at his home since last September.

After only a year in his “apartment” that he bought from Patrick Howard, the already friendly big guy must pack his boxes and move on to another project. Note that in his 40-year career, Gildor Roy has become accustomed to cycles marking the beginning and end of his engagements, except that in the case of “The Tower”, he had not at all expected to publish the TVA “” problem.

“It’s the joking To meet people, chat with them and learn the business, there is nothing better than that job In the world, but hey, I understand the circumstances.

“I think in the cut package he got at TVA, they must have opted for the cut Offers It is more expensive than others. And there is the fact that television is changing. people score It is indefensibleAnd STAT And a bunch of other things, and at some point they have to listen to those shows. It’s the joking To have so many platforms and everything, but it just disassembles itself. But it’s okay, I understand, I don’t blame anyone.

After a six-year stint on the set District 31 In Commander Chiasun’s skin, Gildor saw Roy V the tower Opportunity to ‘re-do’ and call back interviewers.

“I went for the glory, I really would have continued,” he said, adding that the tower It allowed him to reconnect with many characters he hadn’t had the chance to meet for a while.

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One last week starting with Ginette Reno

its last week in the towerGildor Roy on Monday welcomes the great Jeannette Reno, who has launched her resume in quick succession Genet scrapbook It’s all about me. “She wasn’t supposed to sing, but there’s a piano, and when Christian Marc Gendron sat down at the piano, Genet shocked us. Displays! “

On Tuesday, it will be Patrice L’Equier, Melanie Maynard and Mike Ward to dine at Guildor, before Chantal Matchapé and Pierre-Yves Lourdes on Wednesday.

A final week for Gildor Roy V


Finally, on Thursday, in the Grand Final, it will be Alexander Barrett and Helen Bourgeois Leclerc alongside Gildor. “I know I’m going to sing in the final, I know something’s going to happen that hasn’t happened in three years, it’s going to be exciting for the viewers. Sure there will be guests, but my guests as such will be Alexander and Helen, because we never really bothered to talk, just us. I’ll tell them what I think.” them!” (Laughs)

Several projects are on his agenda

At the end of the summer, Gildor Roy will shoot a movie, and then his agent will negotiate his participation in a TV series, which will be filmed this fall. He can’t talk about the two projects at the moment. He also wants to take advantage of his double schedule to take part in shows like The beautiful roundin TVA, and dedicates himself to music, a passion he has never stopped living.

“I’m lucky, because the phone started ringing the day after announcing the end the towersaid the artist, who will celebrate his 63rd birthday on May 11.

Gildor would like to star in a project full of horror and suspense, and even play a drag queen. “I’m set to play a drag queen and tell stories to the kids! (laughs),” mentioned the person who had already disguised himself as a “big fat redhead” in carmine 2.

Produced by Trio Orange the tower The final week starts this Monday, at 7:30 PM, on TVA.