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Gildor Roy tells how he got the job to host the tower

Gildor Roy tells how he got the job to host the tower

Gildor Roy was visiting the set The week ends well This Friday.

The actor spoke with the hosts about his new term: host of the popular program the tower.

I’ve never met Patrick Howard in my life ‘, he says first.

They booked me last week. I imagine that in a meeting, someone must have said, “I just spoke with Gildor…” [et ils se sont dits : c’est lui] “, He says.

Add : ” I asked to be allowed to finish District 31 before I put my name somewhere. What have we done. She formally accepted the offer on the same day Patrick gave an interview and announced it. »

Gildor Roy explains why he took his time before accepting the position. Patrick did a very good job and I didn’t want to cancel that, but at the same time, I actually did it from the interview and wanted to move on with it. It’s a great formula [La tour]. Without an audience, another kind of intimacy is allowed. »

What is he planning to present for the show? ” At some point, you grow up and get to know people. 40 years later [de métier], I know little. I know things in the world that the public does not know. I know an actor that I played with a lot and he’s an exceptional classical musician and nobody knows that. He is a lumberjack, a hunter, a hunter, no one knows. So what are we going to talk about? this side. »

We can’t wait to discover him in his new role!

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