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Ghostbusters: The Afterlife: Almost useless re-release

Ghostbusters: The Afterlife: Almost useless re-release

With an absolute desire to pay tribute to his father’s films while introducing a new story, Jason Reitman is taking his feet in the carpet.

Directed by Evan Reitman, Jason’s father, The First TwoGhostbusters “ A timeless classic, born from the imagination of Dan Aykroyd. So there was only the son to be able to take on the father’s business without risking heavy criticism from “fans”, as was the case with Ghostbusters by Paul Feig, released in 2016.

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Ghostbusters: The Afterlife So it is first and foremost a greeting. There are dialogues taken from the originals, the same accessories – the instrument cluster, the costumes – as well as an appearance by the actors – and the movie is also dedicated to Harold Ramis. In short, the son claims to be from the father to avoid any harm.

Then there is the other Ghostbusters: The Afterlife. The revival (“the reboot”) with its new story, teens, black humor, his – sometimes downright funny – jokes and the return of outdoor intercourse, including “Marshmallow Man” very effectively remade for the occasion.

Here the viewer follows Callie (Carrie Coon) and her two children, Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (Mackina Grace), a truly talented rookie scientist. When Callie’s father dies suddenly–yes, she’s the daughter of Egon Spangler–she inherits her home in Summerville deep in Oklahoma…and finds herself up against Gooser. And Paul Rudd as a really lazy teacher who only shows horror movies to his students is a great find.

But soon the mixture emits an easy recipe. Ghostbusters: The Afterlife, in association with Jill Keenan, is nothing more than a lazy sketch of cinematic success, an iconic reference to Generation X. By falling into the trap of claiming relaunch at any cost from the originals, Jason Reitman forgets to breathe life into his long shots (really too long at 124 minutes). ). So he avoids turnip, but does not meet expectations.

Rating: 3 out of 5