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‘Get Me Out of Here!…But Not Immediately’: Back in Costa Rica with Nathalie Simard and Marianne St. Giles

Nathalie Simard and Marianne St-Gelais have fun in the travel series Get me out of here! …but not right away Broadcast by Évasion from Monday 15 May.

The two women with an infectious sense of humor have been partners since their appearance on the TVA reality show Get me out of here!Last summer tour in Costa Rica. They returned to the land of Pura Vida this past February to shoot the 10 episodes of this reunion which, let’s be honest, really makes you want to pack your bags for a sunny destination.

We find ourselves on the Pacific coast in Tamarindo, in the province of Guanacaste in the first episode. The two hosts, who have a mother-daughter relationship, treat themselves to a well-deserved vacation. “We love each other,” says Marianne. They do not have to face such challenges Get me out of here!But they have to, here and there, push their limits and, in reference to the reality TV that made them see all the colors, still get the letters.

The landscape is breathtaking in this Central American country where Marianne and Natalie have to get wet every so often. They do all kinds of activities, including learning to surf, riding an all-terrain vehicle, meditating with blue mud treatments at sunset, parasailing, or deep-sea fishing.

Mara Marianne and Natalie are very active: they have been surfing under the guidance of their coach, Carlos.

Screenshot / QMI agency

Mara Marianne and Natalie are very active: they have been surfing under the guidance of their coach, Carlos.

In this last activity, which takes up most of the second episode watched by QMI, Marianne and Natalie are surprised by a visit from Jean-Michel Leblond, the friendly chef they have met. Get me out of here!. Jin-mi is hidden in the cabin and the girls go into a trance when he gets on deck. Only Natalie manages to catch a Mahi Mahi, an “exotic” fish that is not very pretty, but very good when well prepared.

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“We are far from landlocked salmon!” Drop Natalie, she’s always so funny. Thanks to the chef’s expertise, the three amigos prepare delicious ceviche right on the beach, sipping it all as the sun sets into the sea. Fresh and very tasty ceviche allows them to forget about the oatmeal, rice and beans that were offered to them day in and day out Get me out of here!.

In addition to Jean-Michel, Andrienne A. Mallet, Livia Martin and Jean-François Mercier visited Marianne and Nathalie on their travel show.

Together, Marianne St. Giles and Nathalie Simard host the travel series

Screenshot / QMI agency

Produced by Productions Déferlantes, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the series “Get me out of here!…but not right away” is directed by Olivier Languedoc. It begins broadcasting, every Monday, at 8pm, on Évasion, on May 15th.

Giving way to the grand finale of “Get Me Out of Here!” Sunday VAT

As for the grand finale of the first season of Get me out of here!, airing on Sunday, May 14, at 6:30 pm, on TVA. Which of Andrian A. Mallet, Dr. François Marquis, and Nathalie Simard will win?