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Gers: André Daguin's space opened during the Jégun Wine Fair

Gers: André Daguin’s space opened during the Jégun Wine Fair

Next Saturday, August 13, on the occasion of the Jégun Wine Fair, the municipality will unveil the space of André Daguin, in honor of the former chef who died in 2019.

“The wine fair is actively preparing with the committee, as it will take place on Saturday, August 13. I hope everything goes well, and I am happy that the traditional wine fair will finally be able to appear,” shares Jay Lapierre, Mayor of Jejun City.

“We will take the opportunity to open a space dedicated to André Daguin. The latter has sponsored this event for 36 years. The municipal council had discussed the allocation of this space to him and voted unanimously. André Daguin participated in the last edition of Wine Fair before Covid-19, in 2019. He did not miss No copy, although he fell ill. He also died a few months later, on December 3, 2019, “confirms Jejun’s counselor.

A stele will be installed in the space designated for André Daguin, in the alleys of Gambetta. A location not chosen by chance because it is the place where Andre Daguin gave his speeches during every opening of the wine fair. This witness is in the process of being produced. It’s made by a Valence-sur-Baïse ironworker named Gérald Fiegen. He has created a popular logo that the public will be able to discover on August 13th.

He gave advice […] It was awesome “

“Andre Daguin not only came to the exhibition, he came a few days before to worry about the smooth running of the event. He often advised the exhibition committee, at some points he was brilliant and full of new ideas”, recalls Guy Lapierre with emotion.

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Next Saturday, August 13, the wine fair will open at 10:30 am, in the presence of several dignitaries, including the Prefecture’s General Secretary, Jean-Sebastien Bocar, who will replace the absent Governor of Khiam. For the ‘opportunity. He will be represented by General Counsel and Deputy David Tobiak, Carol Delga. In the process, the space of André Daguin will be revealed.