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Germany: A painting by Piet Mondrian has been hanging upside down for 77 years

Germany: A painting by Piet Mondrian has been hanging upside down for 77 years

A major retrospective of the Dutch painter began on Saturday at this institution, culminating in the presentation of the painting New York City 1made in 1941. However, this painting was displayed upside down, the museum revealed this week.

In a photo from 1944, I saw that the board was in reverse on the easel. It amazed meIn an interview with the German daily, Susanne Mayer Boser, curator of the exhibition, said: FAZ.

The painting, made up of several red, yellow, and blue strokes intersecting at right angles, was first shown at MoMa, New York in 1945, facing the wrong way, according to Meyer-Poser. Then, when it was sent to the Dusseldorf Museum in 1980, the painting was hung in the same way.

MoMa in New York

Photo: dpa via getty Images / TIMOTHY A. CLARY

The error may come from the fact that The painting has no signatureAccording to Mayer Bowser.

So its original meaning was determined by The name of the artist written by the estate official on the back of the framewhen Mondrian died in 1944.

Piet Mondrian, born in 1872, is one of the main figures in the Dutch art movement called from Stijl (the patternin French), and is distinguished by its horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours.

In 1940 the painter left for New York, USA. The straight grids of his paintings are inspired by the layout of the streets and skyscrapers of this American city.

It is especially famous worldwide for its fabric The victory of the Wuji danceIt is considered one of the most important works of the twentieth century.

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