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Geoff Molson expects a new contract soon for Cole Caufield

Present at CEPSUM as Carabins Governors Club president at a press conference, he confirmed that the 22-year-old striker, a restricted free agent after a 26-goal campaign in 46 games, would soon sign a new contract.

Molson said all of our fans are keen on this issue being resolved, and it will be resolved before the start of the season. The negotiations are in good hands with Geoff (Gorton, Vice President of Hockey Operations) and Kent (Hughes, General Manager).

It can happen at any time. I’m not going to tell you to stay close to your phone today, but you never know when that might happen. »

Quote from Jeff Molson

Although his season was cut short in January due to surgery on his right shoulder, Caufield is certainly part of the Habs future, which Molson saw as very promising. If we leave the wounds asidehe added in passing.

It certainly was Exciting seasonsaid the head of CH. Young people have made progress very satisfied. Reasonable expectations higher Next year. But the condition of the infirmary throughout the last campaign evidently left a sour taste in his mouth.

It makes a clear statement: the Hab can never be a winning team With a lot of wounds.

It is never accurate when you are trying to figure out why you are hurting. There are several reasons for problems this year. Je n’entrerai pas dans les details aujourd’hui, mais l’important, for me, c’est que Jeff et Kent regardent a peu partout for voir ce qu’on peut faire pour améliorer la santé de l’equipe for l’ Next yearHe said.

Canadian President Jeff Molson

Photo: Karabines/James Hajjar

On the other hand, if there is one aspect of the organization that is unlikely to change, it is the position of technical director. Despite winning only 45 of 119 games at the helm of Bleu-blanc-rouge, Martin St-Louis has won much praise for the crucial role he plays in this change in the culture operating in the team.

Jeff Molson couldn’t wait to see St. Louis lead the team for a full season. He was not disappointed.

It’s really amazing to see [St-Louis] Not only with you [les journalistes]but with the players, the coaches, and the fans.” Despite his personality, he remains humble, dedicated, and eager to win. This is just the beginning for Martin St. Louis.

If there is no exact schedule for Coffield’s dossier, the next date circled in a red pencil on the calendar is Monday, May 8, for the draft lottery, with Conor Bedard as the top prize.

The Canadiens’ message for next season is about expectations being higher, but when it comes to the draft, Molson is toning it down.

The odds of us getting it are 8.5%, so expect not to win the lottery. If we win, he’ll be very lucky, and everyone around the county will be very happy, that’s for sure.

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