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Genappe: A temporary post office in the Espace 2000 car park

Bpost sold the building where the Genappe Post Office is located: “The new owner got permission to build upstairs accommodation. The works started a month ago. Planned for a year. So the post office that rents to the new owner has been closed.”Gérard Corone, Mayor of Genapé explains.

As a result, Genappiens must currently go to Nivelles or to a Bousval relay point for their transactions. But the municipal authorities did not imagine that the post office would remain closed for a year: “So we contacted the managers of bpost at the beginning of March to find a solution. We want to avoid our residents having to travel to Nivelles or Bousval, it is complicated for many people. They could not be accommodated in our premises due to lack of space. We reached an agreement. Bpost will install 40 square meters From the prefabricated building in the car park to the multi-purpose room in Espace 2000. Our services have done the feasibility study, they have found solutions for internet, electricity, sanitation… So everything is fineGerard Coronet continues.

When will this temporary office open? “The ball is in bpost’s court, which must draft the agreement and send it to us. Once this agreement is signed, bpost will be able to install this prefabricated building that the post office will rent. We hope that this will be done as soon as possible, but at the moment, no details have been decided date “says the mayor.