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Gaza: Biden says he “hopes” for a ceasefire by Ramadan

Gaza: Biden says he “hopes” for a ceasefire by Ramadan

Joe Biden said on Friday that he is “hopeful” that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will be in place by Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that begins on the evening of March 10 or 11.

In response to journalists’ question about the possibility of reaching an agreement on a truce in the Palestinian territories by this date, the US President replied: “I hope so. We are still working a lot on this issue.” We're not there yet.”

“We will get there, but we are not there yet, and we may not get there,” he said as he left the White House to spend the weekend at the presidential residence at Camp David near Washington.

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The Democrat said at the beginning of the week that he hoped by the following Monday, March 4, to reach an agreement for a six-week truce in the fighting between Israel and Hamas, but he returned to that agenda.

The president earlier admitted that Israeli gunfire and a stampede during the distribution of humanitarian aid, which according to Hamas killed more than 110 people, could have complicated negotiations.

On Friday, in the face of the desperate situation in Gaza, Joe Biden decided to involve the United States “in the coming days” for the first time, in airdrops of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territory besieged by the Israeli army.