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Gay player responds to James Reimer

After coming out publicly as gay in July 2021, Nashville Predators prospect Luke Prokop appears to be unimpressed by some National Hockey League (NHL) players, including James Reimer and Ivan Provorov, who have refused to don a Pride jersey this season.

The first skater with an NHL contract to come out publicly as gay, Prokop posted a multi-line message on social media after learning of San Jose Sharks selection Reimer, a few days earlier. This past weekend, he spoke out about his religious beliefs for ditching to wear a diversity and inclusion awareness jacket, which caused a backlash from several hockey figures.

“I share the disappointment in what appears to be a setback to his inclusion in the NHL,” Prokop, a defenseman who plays for the Seattle Thunderbirds in the Youth League West, wrote. “Pride nights and these bibs play an important role in promoting respect for the LGBTQIA+ community. It is heartbreaking to see some Teams no longer wear this equipment or accept its importance, while the focus is on those who are not participating and not on the message itself.”

“Everyone has their own set of beliefs, but I think it’s important to recognize the difference between accepting a community and respecting the people within it. Pride Nights are essential to promoting greater acceptance of all and understanding in the hockey community,” he added. “I strongly believe that by prioritizing diversity and inclusion, we can create an environment that feels Where every player is comfortable being themselves.I am an athlete who aspires to play in the NHL someday and would like to walk into the locker room knowing that I can share all aspects of who I am with my teammates.

Other cases in the NHL

Earlier in the campaign, Provorov refused to also wear a multicolored Philadelphia Flyers jersey on religious grounds. Some teams, including the New York Rangers and Islanders, as well as the Minnesota Wild, have waived wearing jerseys in sessions leading up to a game scheduled months in advance.

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