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Garmin launches Instinct 2 – dezl, a watch designed for the truck driver

Watch manufacturer Garmin just released a watch for truck drivers. Yes, yes, you read that right: for truck drivers. Finally, fit truck drivers or those looking to live their healthy lives. It’s precisely this lifestyle that Garmin seeks to capitalize on with the new Instinct 2 – dezl . version.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

Always on the road, the long-distance driver lives a life with atypical schedules. In this context of constant travel, Garmin has recognized that the health-conscious truck driver needs diverse, accurate, and quantifiable data in order to properly monitor their physical condition. So he programmed this clock according to his own powers and contingencies.

First, there are several standard functions for all athletes present in this watch: heart rate, amount and quality of sleep, steps taken per day, calories burned, hydration, daily effort monitoring, GPS, etc.

Air-conditioned functions

Then there are more trucker specific features: women’s health tracking, wrist heart rate monitoring, 24/7 respiratory rate, pulse oximeter, relaxation timer, abnormal heart rate alerts, daily effort tracking and daily heart rate while resting.

For pure athletes, the company, via the dezl app, has provided bespoke training lessons that a truck driver can view and apply during healthy breaks.

Dan Bartell, Vice President of Global Consumer Sales for Garmin, said in a press release sent to the media.

In addition to its autonomy, which is 28 days in “smartwatch” mode, the watch provides access to one of Garmin’s dezl OTR series truck navigators. A feature that allows the driver to properly plan and set breaks, but also to improve his well-being through appropriate performances.

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Then there is the possibility to make contactless payments while stopping at rest stations and at gas stations.