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Gameplay from the canceled 2001 leaked version

The 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever was leaked on the Internet. A video of his gameplay has been shared. The authenticity of this version was confirmed by Georges Broussard, one of the creators of the franchise.

One of the pillars of video game history, the Duke Nukem franchise started in 1991 on DOS. It was followed by several episodes until the last franchise series so far, namely Duke Nukem: Critical Mass released in 2011 on the Nintendo DS. Share the leak A copy of Duke Nukem Forever shown at E3 2001. The game was finally released 10 years later on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC after several delays.

Duke Nukem Forever (2011) – Credit: Gearbox Software

The “xor” leaker shared his findings on the popular 4chan forum. Spread Screenshots and video of how to play Duke Nukem Forever 2001. At first, players were skeptical about the legitimacy of these leaks. However, the authenticity of this leak was confirmed by one of the creators of the franchise, Georges Broussard.

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This version of Duke Nukem Forever is original and “Big Part” playable

employment TwitterAnd George Broussard He emphasized that: Yes, the leak appears to be real. No, I’m not really interested in talking about it or looking at the painful past. You should seriously lower your expectations. There is really no game to play. Just a few sparsely populated test levels. I don’t know who leaked this “.

As you can see below in the video of the canceled 2001 edition, Character Duke makes his way to a burning strip club. For a copy dated 2001, the view is more than correct. Modern HUD screen and dynamic animation. The leaker explained that ” Almost every chapter exists in one form or another In this version of Duke Nukem Forever. a ” big game It’s even playable, he says. Furthermore it, Almost all weapons Functional available in the game.

Finally, the leaker had planned to Sharing the source code for this version of the game as well as the instructions to play it in June. Although George Broussard seems unaffected by this leak, players are eager to check out this version of Duke Nukem Forever which was finally released in 2011 after a total of 14 years of development.

source : CBR