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Gallagher: 'CH will be able to find a detainee'

Gallagher: ‘CH will be able to find a detainee’

Can Montreal Canadiens striker Brendan Gallagher trade this year?

Many doubt that because of his contract, but Sportsnet journalist Elliot Friedman believes the Habs will find a buyer if they are to compromise.

“There will be someone interested in it,” he said on his podcast. 32 ideas, Monday. Many people respect the way he plays. I really think CH will be able to find a taker. “

When CEO Mark Bergiveen was fired, Gallagher said he didn’t know what he would do if the organization wanted to do a complete rebuild.

Last December salary cap specialist Hart Levine told He also believes Gallagher will find a receiver through the National Hockey League.

“I think teams will find a way to absorb his entire contract,” he said. People in the business think he’s the kind of player you’d win the Stanley Cup with. They say, ‘We have to find our Gallagher.’ Teams that want to win now might be from You are unlikely to worry about the final years of his deal.”

Gallagher, 29, will earn $6.5 million per season until 2027. This season he has 10 points, including four goals, in 25 games.

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