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Gabriella Laberge reflects on her performance as America's Got Talent

Gabriella Laberge reflects on her performance as America’s Got Talent

Quebec singer and violinist Gabriella Laberge, who stunned the judges of America’s Got Talent with her dazzling performance of “Goodbye My Lover” on stage Tuesday night, is already seeing her life change.

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“I already have requests for weddings all over the world. I just received one from Qatar. It’s fun. I don’t know if I’ll go, but it’s fun for people to think of me,” sympathetic Quebecers elicit into a QUB Radio microphone from Vancouver, where you are on vacation.

The violinist only learned last week that her performance would be broadcast.

“It’s a long process. I started working on the delivery last November. I’ve been taking violin lessons, because it’s been so long since I’ve been performing, vocal training, and choosing the right song,” Gabriella LaBerge reported.

Already experienced the “The Voice” show, she confirmed that the enthusiastic reception for her performance was “surreal” and “disturbing”.

“I know the impact on the web is going to be really extraordinary. What I like the most about the base is giving concerts and meeting people all over the world and in Quebec.

And The Voice “allowed me to do that, and allowed me to start living my passion,” he told the person who had been developing in the music business for a decade. With “America’s Got Talent”, that’s great I’m meeting a new audience.

It gave me a boost of energy during the pandemic and to be able to plan concerts everywhere,” Gabriella Laberge continued.

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The latter does not know what will happen next, that is, whether he can continue his career in the show with one or more participation in programs that are broadcast live.