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Futuristic Games Show: Ads Feed

Futuristic Games Show: Ads Feed

Last Thursday, the “Future Games Show” conference was held. Hosted by GamesRadar, it was a chance to learn more about fifty titles, from the most indie to AA. If you are not able to follow the action, do not panic, we have prepared a summary of the announcements for the Xbox ecosystem!

Turbo Golf Racing

When golf meets Rocket League, that gives us Turbo Golf Racing. The icing on the cake will be available directly in Game Pass when released.

Gon Jam

In the context of nicknames like BPM: bullets per minuteJaw Drop Games Teams offers a first-person shooter game based on a rhythm game. The release was planned first on PC, and then on consoles the second time.

Flintlock: Siege of Dawn

Just a week after his teaser announcement, Flintlock: Siege of Dawn It shows itself again with the diary of a developer who relives many elements of the universe in this RPG. It will be available on Game Pass when it is released later this year.


Iron Lung introduced their new game, turbo. This third-person shooter focuses on survival. You will need to complete your mission in Wasteland.

Hemasaurus . horror

Have you always dreamed of playing Godzilla destroying city and humanity in a series of pixels? no ? However, that’s what you’ll do at this address, scheduled for all platforms this year.

We gave up on Mars

KeokeN Interactive returns with the sequel to We gave up on the moon. We will be sent on the red planet, almost 10 years after the events of the first episode. There is no release date, but the title is planned on all platforms.

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Justice sucks: Recharge

Killer robotic vacuum cleaners are back again Justice sucks: Recharge. Dusty will have to move in the strange and colorful world of television. No date has been announced, except for a mysterious “relative”.

Focus Team 17

Independent publisher Team17 was entitled to focus on its next productions. Five new games, including one that should arrive directly in Game Pass.

Lego Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga

Is it still necessary to apply? LEGO Star Wars ? A few weeks prior to its release, the presented trailer focused on main universe opponents.

Lumote – Mastermote Chronicles

Lumote was introduced a month ago at [email protected], and tapped into a new trailer about the availability of a demo of this puzzle game about the properties of light.

Heaven’s Corridor

Traveling in the past with Passage A paradise that takes us back to the age of arcade machines with 35 mini-games.

outgoing ghost

paper Mario And the superstitions You have a competition outgoing ghost. A 2.5D turn-based RPG adventure planned for all platforms.

forever sky

Space opera has been popular lately and it won’t stop there forever sky. This is a survival game in which you return to Earth several years after an environmental disaster.

Alaska Truck Simulator

After muddy roads MudRunner covered with snow SnowRunnerBack in the frigid Alaskan lands, Movie Games will take us in 2022.


Sam Barlow is back with a new production titled Immortality. The title of FMV remains in the horror world with the mysterious disappearance of an actress. As mentioned earlier, the title is coming to Game Pass!

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sun imp

Peruvian culture will be honored in this 2D action and platform game. Moreover, it is already available since last Thursday on all media!

Vampire – The Farce: Swansung

New trailer for the next title from Big Bad Wolf Studio. In it, we see in more detail the skill system as well as the release date of the title scheduled for May 19.


The developers of Demogog wanted to revisit the Jungle Book in a post-apocalyptic world. Joe confusing at first sight but very promising!