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Fundraising: Record $ 20.5 million for Opération Enfant Soleil Telethon

Fundraising: Record $ 20.5 million for Opération Enfant Soleil Telethon

For a second year in the midst of the pandemic, donors have been more generous than ever as part of Operation Enfant Soleil Telethon, which raised a record $ 20,517,468 for 34e Editing.

“Honestly, it exceeds our expectations! Said Julie Lemieux, President and CEO of Opération Enfant Soleil, Julie Lemieux.

“The generosity of people at this time in the pandemic is absolutely unbelievable. We are waiting for a record year whatsoever,” she said last night.

View the final sum raised yesterday at the Théâtre Capitole.

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View the final sum raised yesterday at the Théâtre Capitole.

In 2020, about $ 17 million was raised, compared to $ 20.1 million in 2019, which was what was called a record year at the time. That summit has just been smashed with $ 20.5 million raised this year.

“We are very grateful and happy for the sick children who will feel this wave of love from all Quebecers. It is to tell the children: We love you there, we will not abandon you, pandemic or not,” added M.I Best

The funds will be disbursed to pediatric centers and hospitals, which then determine priority setting needs and communicate them to the organization.

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big quantities

Walmart, Costco, and Lowe’s Canada are the top three donors this year, with contributions totaling $ 3 million, $ 2 million, and $ 700,000 each.

“The partners have been there this year in spite of everything, they have shown a lot of creativity to reach out to donors. Despite the pandemic, in many partner companies, we have seen employees scramble to raise money for the Enfant Soleil operation,” comments Mr.I Best.

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“Individual donors are also there. I think people understood what confinement was, and I think they put themselves in the shoes of sick children who live it year-round for some, and I think it contributed to their generosity,” she continues.

Walmart, which donated $ 2.1 million last year, is donating $ 3 million, as in 2019.

“Kids can’t wait. Pandemic or not, kids are sick, so it’s up to us to find ways to beat ourselves up,” commented Audrey Lauren, the company’s Eastern Canada Operations Assistant.

“We have the means to do that, so it is our duty to do so,” she added.

More time together

This year the telethon was hosted live from the Théâtre Capitole in Quebec City, although the certificates were pre-registered.

We are fortunate to have healthy children. We realize that not everyone has “the same,” says Sonny Caouette of 2Frères, who was one of the guest artists. According to him, confinement and remote work have resulted in many people finding themselves spending time. Taller with their families, which may have contributed to the outpouring of generosity.