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Fun, useful and free activity!

There are hundreds of citizen or participatory science programs in France.

I suggest you help science to advance and it can be a family game with kids. This is called citizen science. Scientific teams rely on citizens everywhere in France to collect data useful for their research. You can imagine that it would take thousands to notice the appearance of ladybugs all over France … This is the principle of participatory science also called citizen!

Various possible actions

It contains hundreds of great programs. Depending on where you live, the seasons, but also and above all your interests, you can choose the program that best suits you.

For example, there is the observatory Savages on my street We invite you to explore the types of wild plants that grow on your sidewalks. When you open your eyes wide, sometimes you have surprises… The program notes 240 species to identify, so you’ll learn by being helpful… The goal: to help scientists understand where their growth and under what conditions.

Fun, useful and free

And there’s something for everyone… monitor day butterflies to assist landscape managers, audit the Morbihan coast for a natural inventory, and if you love flowers, you can help the bureau monitor insects and their habitat by observing a flower for 20 minutes and snapping a photo of every pollinator that stops there. Kids must love it!

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