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Fuel shortages in the UK will benefit the electric car

Across the channel, the fuel crisis caused a real shock among users.

That being said, the misfortune of some brings happiness to others … which fuel fuel problems in the UK increase interest in electric cars. As the scenes of chaos at gas stations across the country escalate, dealerships are actually being taken by storm.

People “This is a sign that we need to go for electricity.””, A reseller interviewed Defender.

This sudden interest in the electric car is also visible on Google. According to the popular search engine, queries on electric vehicles rose by 1,600% on September 24, when fuel shortages spread across the country.

Carvo, one of the UK’s leading car dealers, has noticed a similar phenomenon. This Sunday, September 26th, the search for electric vehicles on their website increased by 56%.

A statement that caused panic

In the UK, the crisis began last week after a report by PP was leaked. In a statement, the oil board said the lack of truck drivers could force some stations to close temporarily. Information that caused real panic in the stations. Fear of fuel shortages and the high number of people coming to refuel has put pressure on the supply chain, causing an almost common shortage across the country. On the edge, some drivers were hit.

Earlier in the week, the British government said it would be ready to mobilize its troops to guarantee the supply of fuel to gas stations, although the situation would be normalized in the coming days.