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Frontier League Series: Capitals force the final against the Titans

Frontier League Series: Capitals force the final against the Titans

Quebec | After an unusual evening at Stade Canac, marked by a power outage that lasted about thirty minutes, Capitales de Québec survived Saturday night, beating the Ottawa Titans by 4 to 3.

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By signing the win in front of 4,297 spectators, he forced the local team to make a third and final game in this short series that will conclude on Sunday, still in Quebec.

TJ White played the hero, the end of 11e The inning, by the end of the game. He then pushed his teammate Michael Tessen to the push board before being surrounded and celebrated by all the Capitals players.

Earlier, Quebec Marc-Antoine Lebro dropped a skill sacrificing blow to allow Theisen to advance from first base to second base, then David Glaude developed him to third base.

Frontier League Series: Capitals force the final against the Titans

QMI Agency, Pascal Haute

“It’s not the end,” Quebec player Miguel Cienfuegos wished Friday night after the loss to Ottawa. It’s good that we had a more difficult game when we left, I moved the cage a bit, we came home with two games, we have the pitch advantage and we just have to do the work at home.

At the end of the ninth inning, with no finals and bases loaded, the Capitals missed a great chance to win. Jeffrey Barra, White and Kyle Kroll took turns getting beaten up by Giants savior Matt Fallen.

game story

Speaking of how Saturday’s game unfolded, Capitals player Codie Paiva already scored 61 shots on the hour after the Titans’ first two at bat. He had a total of 118 when he left the game after five and three runs.

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And so the fate of the Capitals was, in large part, on the shoulders of the team’s homesteaders, including Frank Moscatello, on the hill when the lights went out. Franklin Barra was a huge contributor, allowing no hits and only walking one in four rounds in satisfaction.

Frontier League Series: Capitals force the final against the Titans

QMI Agency, Pascal Haute

Paiva allowed three runs, all earned, on nine hits and a walk while on the hill. AJ Wright and Jake Sanford both hit the long ball on his account.

Pompeii Circuit

Tristan Pompey had provided the crowd’s first moment of joy at Stade Canac, at the end of the second half, by hitting Homer in two runs. However, Pompey had to leave the match at the start of the sixth inning after attempting a defensive dive.

Hitting the line, the left player, who was very bold, allowed Tyrus Greene to hit third base, in spite of himself. It was believable, at one point, in a circle inside the court…Green finally managed to cross the home plate after a brace from teammate Wright. Then the Titans tied the match 3-3.

Quebec’s Jonathan Lacroix also led a tour of the capitals in this game, with a timed singles for a central field, in the fourth inning.

– Another semi-final match between the Schaumburg Boomers and the Washington Wild Things enjoyed a respite on Saturday. The Boomers are leading 1-0 in this series 2 of 3.

Tribute to the work done by Franklin Barra

Head coach Patrick Scalabrini was smiling but tired after Saturday night’s playoff game at Stade Canac, winning 4-3 in bottom 11.e Game capitals of Quebec against the titans of Ottawa.

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“I’m burnt out, entrust Scalabrini. It’s exhausting on a day like this.”

While TJ White was the champ who found success at the end of the game, Scalabrini drew attention to another of his players: the underdog, 22-year-old Franklin Barra.

“The kid has grown up,” said the director. He is our youngest player. But looking at the end of the season, it’s time to lose [Nick] Horvath, we wanted him to be our trusted man. What a great job under pressure! It was somewhat like him who won that match for us.”

In four turns of work, young Bara did not allow any hits and only one walk. Thus, he ensured the survival of the capitals during the eighth, ninth and tenthe and 11e sleeves. Horvath, who was hired by the Los Angeles Angels earlier this month, could not have done a better job.

Jeffrey to get up

In Sunday’s decisive match, Scalabrini will have to count on other champions. The director also launched the challenge to another Barra, Jeffrey.

“I’m expecting a big game from Jeffrey Barra tomorrow (Sunday),” Scalabrini sent off, fully aware that the 32-guest hitter in the regular season didn’t deliver his best game on Saturday.

On two occasions, the Dominican could win his team by simply pushing a teammate to the plate. Late in the ninth inning, with the Rules and Rules not loaded, Barra was not particularly able to generate anything. Instead, he retired on strike.

  • Carlos Sano will be the main bowler for the Capitals, on Sunday in Quebec, in the third and decisive game of the series against the Ottawa Titans.
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