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Fromagerie Boivin: Fjord Abyss Can Rise to the Surface

Fromagerie Boivin: Fjord Abyss Can Rise to the Surface

The abyss of the strait, a story known since Fromagerie Boivin in La Baie lost a shipment of cheese to the bottom of the water, could resurface again one of these days.

The name of this cheese was first mentioned in the summer of 2006, when Fromagerie Boivin in Saguenay attempted to squeeze the cheese into the Saguenay River.

The story has spread around the world since the cheese finally remained untraceable.

“People keep asking us where the project is. Today, I can confirm that the project is still in the pipeline,” said Fromagerie Boivin’s general manager, Luc Boivin.

The first attempt to find the cargo was followed by two more floods in the fjord. The last time was in 2010.

“We have had good cooperation from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ) for a science project,” said Luc Boivin.

The research project, as Fromagerie’s management called it, wanted to compare the effects of cheese aging under different pressures.

“I wouldn’t say it’s better, but it tastes different. It ages differently, which means it has a different texture,” said Mr. Boivin.

Since 2011, Quebec has banned the use of the fjord as a laboratory.

Fromagerie’s manager explained, “The inspector should have access to the product at all times, in the factory. We totally understand. It’s clearly impossible when the cheese is in the strait.”

La Fromagerie continued its testing in a hyperbaric chamber, within its facilities.

However, the Abysse du Fjord was destroyed by fire in 2011, and since then, Fromagerie has focused on strengthening its operations.

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There was the arrival of European cheeses in 2016, it was an epidemic and a labor shortage. In short, little cheese makers really can’t develop their projects these days.

Even if the company believes in the potential of the product, it is not yet ready to complete the necessary investments, but the hyperbaric chamber will be connected by pipe to the Saguenay River.

“Fjord is part of product marketing,” Luc Boivin admitted.

It is possible, one day, that the employees of Fromagerie Boivin will get their hands dirty for the Abysse du Fjord.