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From the very great Luis Jose |  VAT news

From the very great Luis Jose | VAT news

We’ve been promised a new, more personal “one man show.” And Luis Jose Hody did not fail in his promise. The comedian reveals a weaker side to his character with A Thousands of bad choices Which could be the best material for him in his career.

It’s not uncommon to hear an artist promise their “most personal” show of their career every time it’s time to get back on stage again. The expression is obsolete insofar as it is overused. However, no one else could describe it better Thousands of bad choices, a “one man show” in which Luis José Hodi surrenders himself as never before.

Usually so conservative about his private life, the comedian opted to leave his coat-room modesty before taking over the Cabaret du Lion d’Or on Tuesday night. His recent rupture was the genesis – and common thread – of Thousands of bad choices, Luis José Hodi opened the door to his secret garden wide by addressing his celibacy, desire to start a family, his emotional conquests, and thus his lustful encounters.

The result: we discovered the new Luis Jose Hodi. Rude, pungent and at times steadier, it never disfigures—just as it does not shed its characteristic verbiage—but shows a natural progression, as emphatic as it is pathological. It’s enough to fall in love with the 44-year-old comedian.

On lap five, he walked for a few weeks across the county, abandoning the big pitches in favor of the smaller ones. And we have to admit that this formula is particularly suited to its purpose, which is to create an intimate relationship conducive to trust.

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The collusion quickly began in Luis Jose Hody and his audience. A few minutes – even seconds – are enough for the communion to take place, and then it’s replenished with loud whiffs of laughter. Because we often laugh, honestly, throughout this nonstop show.

Single [petit] flat? It barely lasts 90 minutes – including a very decent first part given by Neff – we think we’d have taken more when the lights came on, signaling the end of the evening. But this is, in the end, a reproach as much as a compliment …

  • Luis Jose Hody will be at Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec on Sunday. He will return to the Cabaret du Lion d’Or from 20 December.