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From the locker room to the ice, Suzuki's style makes people talk

From the locker room to the ice, Suzuki’s style makes people talk

His clothes were designed by the store Sherbrocois Glorious, which became a lucky charm for the young player, to the delight of the store owner, Jean-François Bedard.

“I made him a suit just before the qualifiers and handed it to him before the first game. He took it to Game #1, against Toronto, and there he scored a goal. Then he put on other 2-3-4 jam stuff and decided to wear it again for Game #5. Bedard told TVA Nouvelles He’s been wearing this suit ever since.

The same goes for Cole Kovelide, who received his autographed Glorius suit just before Game Six. “Then, Caufield had a crazy match with Suzuki, so they put on Match 7 again and won. Since that time, Caufield and Suzuki have always worn the same outfit every game,” added the owner of the store located in Eastern Townships.

For Jean-François Bédard, the vision given to him by the CH players is unexpected. The man is also pleased that his custom-made clothes have captured Montreal Canadiens coach, Dominique Ducharme. For the latter, Glorious recently delivered 4 outfits.

Last year, the Canadian Business Council estimated that apparel sales fell by about 30% between February 2020 and February 2021 in Canada.

“I’m a solution guy, I sit down and say to myself: Well, we have a problem: COVID,” Mr Bedard explained. “You have two options: either you pull the plug or find solutions to reinvent your model a little bit. I think you can’t wait for it to pass,” he added.