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From London to China through space

From London to China through space


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In the Photo Hebdo section of the 8pm newspaper, Friday, June 4th, we summarize a week of current events in enlightening images.

Is his head spinning? A Russian cosmonaut hangs from a crane around the International Space Station. He is preparing for the arrival of a new unit. If it floats in space, others float in water. In London (UK), swimmers swim in a swimming pool suspended 35 meters above the ground. A concession reserved for a high-end real estate complex. What if true luxury was space?

On the south coast of England, thousands of people are also walking around. And in China, the most populous country in the world, a very political decision was made. From now on, couples will be able to have three children instead of two, to combat the aging population. And in Colombia, the flame of protest did not stop: demonstrators, amid a duel with the police, demanded more social justice.

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