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From anger to despair, citizens are still lining up for a passport

From anger to despair, citizens are still lining up for a passport

While many citizens have had to scramble to get their passports from offices in the Greater Montreal area for several days now, desperation has begun to spread among some of those still waiting in line.

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Here are some comments collected in Laval’s office Thursday morning.

This lady, who applied for a new passport in April, regrets that she is still waiting to get the precious document.

“I took a trip for the whole family that had been planned for months, and I won’t get my money back.”

Another person deplored the fact that communication with citizens in line is a rare occurrence.

The man asks “Where is my file?” “They told me it’s here, I got here and they say, ‘No, we haven’t received it yet’, we’re in complete oblivion.”

A woman who had to travel in less than 24 hours said she was losing hope after spending two nights in line.

“I was told it’s full, they are no longer able to take orders, and we don’t know what to do.”

Travelers who were planning to wait for delays at passport offices to decline before receiving their prized document should be patient, as the situation may continue for several more months.

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