A cordial salute and swing to Francette and Pedro Lafont Espace Simon Seguret, Sep 4, 2021, Sinon.

A friendly greeting and swing to Francette and Pedro Lafont
Espace Simone Signoret, Saturday 4 September 6:30 pm
From the 1950s to the 2000s, fans of jazz in the Southwest knew, at least by sight, Francette and Pedro Lafont. It is impossible not to cross it and not notice it! He, tall, had the physique of a skinny dancer. During parties (…) he moved tirelessly, back and forth, to the beat of the music (…). She, a little younger than him, small in stature, her eyes shining and her head on her shoulders, was as attentive to her husband as she is to the others. They were at all the jazz concerts in the area and elsewhere. A tribute to the arts and engagement where jazz, dance, lyrics, images and memories will bring together several generations who have known and loved, at Espace Simone Signoret. Program ** 6:30 pm – 8 pm: ** * Presentation of the video “Francette and Pedro Lafont: Itinerary of a Couple’s Journey in Sinon” (15 minutes) * Sharing words for words, music and photos * Friendship drink, photo gallery and music ** 8:30 pm * * * [Spectacle : « Tap Spirit »](https://www.cenon.fr/a-la-une/agenda/tap-spirit) by [Cie Tempo Tiempo](https://www.facebook.com/sorayabenac/) from Soraya Benac (1h05 / free upon reservation) ** Health card will be required. **
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For a long time, Cédonnais, aficionados of jazz, Pédro and Francette Lafont, together with their human footprint, have represented the Palmer de Cenon region, the local, national and international cultural life.

Espace Simon Signoret 1 rue Carnot Senon Senon Gironde

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