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French waiters deserve more than your reviews

French waiters deserve more than your reviews

An American tourist visiting Paris speaks Twitter The mistake he made when he asked if he could have an oat milk latte: “The waiter said no!” Great is the indignation expressed by these few words, and our man need not express his anger. The facts spoke for themselves, and they fed the clichés about France and its arrogant service sector while feeding them, and one would expect that support to flow.

This is what happened. The internet has gone crazy – showing how vital this medium is – with people struggling to share horror stories on French servers. This is comforting in a way because it shows the regularity of the daily news inflammationNon-repayable home loans, Hostilities in Ukrainethey Power outage = power outage This winter, government cacophony or even destruction Wasps One does not consume as much as one thinks.

Thus, the British had little more room in their minds to attack the French. It’s not that bad!

A vegan cookie in Clermont-Ferrand

However, it’s annoying… If I was working in a Parisian bar and an American came to order – in English, of course – an oat milk latte, I wouldn’t settle for him, I’d send him flying out. street, where he would see the dangers of running into French motorists.

In any case, one thing is certain: you can find oat milk everywhere in France, as well as many other things that don’t look like food for people over 55. Vegetarian and vegan Exploded everywhere. Lately I’ve had no choice but to eat a vegan cookie Clermont Ferrand, meat town par excellence. To be honest, it wasn’t really edible, but it already had merit. Hence non-animal food products are widely available. You won’t find them in a traditional French cafe, as you won’t

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