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French submarines: Australia pays Navy board for breach of contract

French submarines: Australia pays Navy board for breach of contract

Australia’s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, a French company a Reasonable and reasonable solution The 56 billion euros ($ 75 billion) that caused the diplomatic crisis between Paris and Canberra last fall amounted to 555 million euros ($ 746 million) for the massive breach of contract.

France, by the Minister of the Armed Forces, Takes note Of this agreement. This agreement is important because it will allow us to open and look forward to a new page in our bilateral relationship with Australia.Sébastien Lecornu told reporters in Singapore that the Asia-Pacific Security and Defense Forum, also known as the Shangri-La Dialogue, is taking place.

Minister Legorn is due to meet with Richard Marles, his Australian representative from the newly elected Australian Labor government, on the sidelines of the forum on Saturday.

OK Fair

Not long ago, the Navy team welcomed a deal Fair, Using the term of the head of the Australian Government. The majority claims to have a state-owned group With Its French and Australian partners and subcontractors in their efforts.

To the CFDT Union, the first trade union organization of the Navy Group, The good news is that it ends faster than a lawsuit that lasts for yearsAccording to David Robin, the federal union representative in Cherbourg.

Since the conclusion of the contract, We jumped back And We will not be disappointed as we have export deals to countries like Brazil, India, MalaysiaHe saidAFP.

In September 2021, then-Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison abruptly terminated a decade-long French deal.

Unfulfilled contract breach

The head of the Australian government has announced that his country will buy US or British nuclear-powered submarines, a major change for a country with weaker nuclear capabilities.

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Mr. Morrison later angered French President Emmanuel Macron. Relations between the two countries remained frozen until the election of the center-left Mr Albanese in May.

He hastened to restore tense relations with France, New Zealand and the Pacific island nations, which criticized the previous Conservative government for its slowdown in the fight against climate change.

Mr. Albany He will be going to France soon Reset Relationship.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Conversation Forum, Legornu said France would love it. Friendship With Australia.

Sebastien Legorn, Minister of the French Armed Forces

Photo: Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes

The fact that we must forget our strategic relationship is not because a government in history has broken its word.

A quote Sebastien Legorn, French Minister of the Armed Forces

In all, the Prime Minister noted that the failure of the French submarine deal would result in a loss of $ 2.4 billion AUS ($ 2.7 billion CAN) to Australian taxpayers.

The submarine deal is central to Australia’s defense strategy against China’s growing influence in the region under President Ji Jinping.

US nuclear-powered submarine

Photo: Reuters

Nuclear-powered submarines will allow Australia to operate in a more stealthy and defensive manner against China.

However, there is great uncertainty as to when Australia will be able to own these devices. The first American or British submarine is unlikely to be in service for decades.

Peter Dutton, the former defense minister and current opposition leader, said this week that he had decided to receive supplies from the United States, an unusual expression of the sensitivity of the ongoing negotiations.

The current government has insisted that no decision has been taken so far. At the same time, Mr. to resume talks at the ministerial level with China. Albanese took action.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles said in Singapore on Saturday that Australia was keen to maintain relations Respectable Including all countries in the region: This includes China.

Australia respects manufacturing relationship with China. China is not going to leave, we must all live together and prosper togetherHe announced.

Asked by a Chinese military official if the so-called AUKUS agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom to provide submarine technology was a new defense alliance, Mr Marlus said.AUKUS is not a small oneNATO.

This is not an agreementHe added.