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French.  Justin Proud wins the Father Cantarell Challenge

French. Justin Proud wins the Father Cantarell Challenge

Father Cantarell, masters of time and contenders, had a date for an evening of challenges.

Thus, the Municipal Youth Council of La Franchise has prepared a great program for the 13 teams that have come to face challenges of all kinds. We can see kids of all ages, parents, tourist grandparents or local grandparents cruising down Lake Valley to face each master of chance, skill, sports, and culture. This year, there’s a new challenge for donkey rides, Bon’aventure.

The first prize (a great basket of local produce offered by the municipality) was won by Team No. 5, made up of Justine and Aude.

Thanks to the generosity of Lafrancaise dealers, CA, and the county council, all teams were rewarded according to their rank.

The Municipal Council for Youth and Adults would like to thank all the donors, participants, technical services for logistics and the pool team.

The date is set for July 2023. Congratulations to the entire young council team for presenting such a beautiful evening to vacationers and Lafrançaisains.

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