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Freestyle skiing: "I didn't expect it to last this long" - Chloé Dufour Lapointe

Freestyle skiing: “I didn’t expect it to last this long” – Chloé Dufour Lapointe

With an Olympic medal in Sochi in 2014 and four entries to the Games, free skater Chloe Dufour-Lapointe announced on Wednesday that she will be hanging her skates at the height of retirement after 15 years on the World Cup circuit.

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The silver medalist at the Sochi Games together with her sister Justin, who was on top of the podium, is a 30-year-old pole specialist who is very happy with her career

free skating:

Photo archive, QMI

From the start she says, “I didn’t think I would last long, but I never set myself any limits. I’m proud of my journey and my progress. I improved to the end and was making the same leaps as the kids. In Beijing [l’hiver dernier]You have achieved the best cork of my career. »

Chloe Dufour-Lapointe bid farewell to the Olympics by posting her best performance at the Beijing Women's Games last winter.

File photo, Didier Debucher

Chloe Dufour-Lapointe bid farewell to the Olympics by posting her best performance at the Beijing Women’s Games last winter.

“I am grateful that I was able to step aside on my terms,” ​​Dufour-Lapointe continued. Nobody pushed me out and I’m happy to retire in good health. Thanks to my body coach Paul Ghani who has been watching my body all these years. »

In his victories, defeats, joys and sorrows, not forgetting the podium with his sister on January 23, 2016 at Val Saint-Com in Lanudiere, which remains the highlight of his career, Dufour Lapointe believes that he has learned a lot during his long journey.

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“I remember a lot from my experience and learned a lot about myself,” she said. I learned a lot of lessons that will benefit me in my post career. Sports was a school of life. »

“evil vortex game”

Dufour Lapointe was selected for the Canadian team in 2008, and quickly rose to prominence by finishing fifth at the Vancouver Games in 2010. Her medal after four years in Russia – pushed it to another level.

“After 2014, my life changed,” summed up Chloe, who was on the podium holding Justin’s hand. It’s been a bad ride. We’re preparing to do well, but we’re not preparing for what’s next. The marketing world has seen a boom, especially with the launch of Instagram. More content I am very proud to share my experience with people and have better played my role as a role model for young girls by advocating physical activity.”

Little prick in the heart

When members of the Canadian team recently took Whistler’s directions, among other things to camp prep, Dufour-Lapointe had a tingling in the heart that quickly disappeared.

“Instead of always being in the snow, I have been able to spend the summer at home and time with my family. I feel like I am in the right place at the right time. I am very calm in my decision.”

Back to school

free skating:

Photo archive, QMI

Chloe will complete her studies in Fashion Management and Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal, which she began during the pandemic, and will continue her commitment to the Tissées Serrées winter clothing collection with her two sisters Justine and Maxime.

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She emphasized, “My studies will allow me to better prepare myself for my work within the company and I also want to continue presenting conferences. I would also like to continue with television work. I can’t see myself doing just one thing.”

“I have to decide what I want to prioritize, but I need a variety of activities, to add the best Canadian in the Beijing Olympics with ninth place. I want to use the achievements and experiences of my career in the future.”

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