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Freed from her father's grip, Britney Spears suffers from "a lot of wounds that need to heal"

Freed from her father’s grip, Britney Spears suffers from “a lot of wounds that need to heal”

The singer released a new blog, Saturday, rejoicing at the positive changes in her life, but stressing that the road to “recovery” is still long.

A few days ago, American justice Officially Suspended Jimmy Spears From the guardianship of his famous daughter, Britney Spears. Months after the battle, where she testified for the first time It is clear that she was a victim of abuseThe 39-year-old singer, especially from her father, will be able to write a calmer page of her life. As a reminder, the “Baby One More Time” translator is still under supervision (managed by a neutral person, Jodi Montgomery) while he waits a day so he can finish the process with his attorney, Matthew Rosengart.

“Fortunately, I am well surrounded.”

On Instagram on Saturday, October 2, 2021, Britney Spears spoke again to her fans to welcome these positive changes. But she said there was still a long way to go to “recovery.” “Even though there are changes and things to celebrate in my life, I still have a lot of wounds to heal! Fortunately, I am well surrounded and take the time to understand that it is only natural to lift your feet and breathe! Only through self-love can I pray … I love… and support others in return!”

If she is not planning to return to the stage, determined above all to take care of her physical and mental health, Britney Spears is focusing on more personal plans. who comes She was recently engaged to her partner since 2016, Sam Asgari, should buy a new property as soon as possible with the latter to house loved ones, as shown TMZ. A project that is close to her heart and she will be able to implement it once she regains control of her finances.

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