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Free up space before you run out of free, unlimited storage with this new tool

Google Photos has just rolled out a new tool on its mobile app to prepare for the end of free and unlimited storage. It allows you to free up space by automatically deleting saved photos that are out of focus.

While Google Photos prepares to end the free and unlimited storage of photos and videos as of June 1, 2021, its mobile app is getting a new app. New feature Aiming to make the transition easier.

Google Photos recognizes blurry photos – Credit: Google

The feature is called “Blurry Pictures” and it is recognized automatically All blurry pictures That you registered. You can delete it easily and free up space on your online storage space. That space will be even more valuable next week with Google’s new action. Moreover, Google Photos recently launched a “Cheers” group that collects all the photos of your drunk evenings.

Google Photos: How to export your photos and videos?

You can remove blurry photos, very long screenshots and videos with ease with the new Google Photos tool

Reminder, Google Pixel by Pixel 2 Unaffected by the end of free and unlimited storage. For other smart phone users, “high quality” pictures and videos already exist Google photos Will not fit an account 15 GB for free. However, it doesn’t hurt to start sorting first by getting rid of blurry photos with Google’s new tool.

In a statement on its blog, Google Images announced that: Today we started rolling out a tool in the Photos app to help you easily manage the photos and videos that you have backed up that count towards your storage quota. ».

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In addition to blurry photos, Google Photos analyzes photos and videos that you may not want to keep. These include Extra long screenshots and videos. Of course, you are free to choose what you prefer to delete. For users who have a gallery with Thousands of photos and videos, This tool is definitely very practical to clean up a little. The new tool is gradually rolling out to all smartphones. You can click on your profile picture in the app and go to Manage Storage to access it.

Source : Technology radar