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Fraser Island, the island of all perils

Fraser Island, the island of all perils



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Snakes, dingoes, sharks… Australia is a paradise for humans full of wild and deadly creatures. However, it remains one of the favorite tourist destinations.

It is an island that was discovered by adivasis 5,000 years ago. Off Australia lies Fraser Island. It is the largest sand island on the planet. “I love this place like heaven“, enthuses a woman. Fraser Island is known as one of the most dangerous islands in the world. Its waters are full of deadly jellyfish and sharks. Tourists have few options for swimming, Rainwater Lake being one of them: “It is not safe to swim in the sea because of sharks. It’s not tracked, so we’re safe“, a man explains. Fraser Island’s sharks are very numerous and volatile.

Despite the danger, Fraser Island remains one of Australia’s top tourist destinations. The island has many deadly species like snakes. Kurt and Sam managed to catch a huge shark. Both had to fight for 30 minutes to catch the animal. Finally exhausted, the shark surrendered. Its size is impressive, it is 3.40 meters. He is then released. In a game challenge, Kurt and Sam will never kill their prey. Between hell and heaven, Fraser Island continues to watch over these two fishermen looking for that night’s predators.

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