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Francophone Artists: “Sparks” between Sophie Durocher and Pierre-Yves Lourdes

There were sparks on QUB radio Monday: Sophie Durocher and Pierre-Yves Lourdes waged a battle of words between Quebec artists over the French state. At the center of this storm: Guy Scott, aka Pierre-Luc Jean Babineau.

For starters, remember that the artist cheerfully mixes French and English. For example, in his song take me homethe artist sings “Lost in my dark thoughts / When I get stoned they become multicolored / For about 20 minutes / So I wake up / Bake like a cake / Pu d’cub damn it / J’ call sick at work”.

“He was introduced there,” Sophie Durocher pleads, “he’s more French. It’s sad that he speaks that way in everyday life.”

But beware! For Mr. Lord, the facilitator is on the wrong track.

“He speaks modern French, but I don’t think he turns his back on French,” said the new ambassador of the La Francofête 2023 event.

Whether on one side or the other, the two made a felt appeal to Molière’s language, raising the question very clearly: Should artists adopt the language of the street, or articulate it in good French? After all, some say it’s a beautiful language with great words, while for others, French is great because it’s hot when you speak it well. It is up to you to decide…

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