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Franchise producer says, "James Bond will always be a man"

Franchise producer says, “James Bond will always be a man”

As Daniel Craig prepares for his final tour of the arena as British Agent James Bond, the producers of the popular series will soon have to find a successor.

However, the series’ producer and senior president of Eon Productions, Barbara Broccoli, has confirmed that the 007 agent character will remain masculine.

In recent months, many rumors have been circulating about who will play Agent 007 after the departure of Daniel Craig. Some would like to see an actor of color get the role, while other voices have risen to claim the female star in the next movie.

On Sunday, Barbara Broccoli noted, however, that there is no question of turning a James Bond character so that it is played by a woman.

“James Bond is a masculine character,” she told Britain’s BA Media.

However, the girl who takes the reins of the franchise adds that she hopes to make several other films featuring women.

“I don’t think you should take a male role and have a woman play it,” Barbara Broccoli explained.

In an interview with Radio Times, Daniel Craig recently said he’d like to create better roles for women and actors of color.

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