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France Phantom, science fiction on the boards of TNB Villeurbanne

A prolific young author and director brings science fiction to the stage: it didn’t take much to pique our curiosity. spiritual dimension Guys response Last year, Tevin Raver made a comeback with a play she began writing in 2015, performing in 2017 and that heavily influenced 2020 in her face.

Since November, Squad Ghost of France Filming again, in Saint-Étienne or in Amandiers, Lyon dates are perhaps the last chance to witness this dystopian theatrical UFO. “The play opens up a lot of questions and ideas and responds powerfully to current events, whether it be euthanasia or xenophobia.”Edith Merio analyzes.

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The actress plays on stage Véronique, literature teacher and the protagonist of the story, whose main quest will be to find her late husband. Because in the fictional world of Ghost of Franceanchored in the xxvH A century, the dead could return, but at the cost of an administrative hurdle…and without the certainty of finding the right body.

Rich world for a dystopian future

If the author’s writing does not lack humor, it will still be necessary to plan to be in a good mood before you take your place in the great hall of TNP: the future you envision for 2h20 is far from gay. On the stage side, Tevin Raver likes to recap what she has to offer For teachers of philosophy, but also for [sa] the mom “.

To indulge in metaphysical indecency yes, but thoughtfully, as well as by the ears because the actors are accompanied on stage by three musicians. There’s even an Aerosmith cover…

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What touched me in this role was Tiffine’s writing, with very realistic everyday situations and great moments of lyricism.”Edith Merio says. Rich world reminds us –Often chilling– Series of anticipationblack mirror, which can also be dismissed in several episodes on the board as its world turns out to be complex. It’s changing and we love it.

Ghost of FrancePlayed by Tevin Raver. From Friday the 31stMarch through Friday, April 7 at 8 p.mmorning (Thursday 19h30, Sun 15h30, Monday break) at TNP, Villeurbanne.
the prices. From 7 to 25 euros.