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France did nothing in Australia

Guillaume MARION, Media365, was released on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 2:01 pm.

Despite another good encounter, France’s XV was shortened to 33 by Wallabies (33-30), 14 minutes from the first minute, during the beauty of this summer’s tour of Australia.

Sadness and pride. Despite being narrowly beaten again by the Wallabies this Saturday (33-30), France’s XV Southern Hemisphere will leave Australia with positive lessons from this summer’s tour. In fact, if Fabian Kaltik’s players lost the series against the locals, the Blues’ team, if strongly reshaped for the occasion, showed an attractive face on the field every time. In Brisbane, for beauty, things got off to a good start following a clash in the face of Anthony Zellonz with a red card for a penalty by Melvin Zaminet (4th) and Marika Corybette (5th). Shortly afterwards, Baptist Cooloud scored the first French attempt by improving his French effort from his children (0-10, 8th), while Zaminet quickly converted to avoid video conversion. Tate McDermott, who misjudged the action of the scrum half from Lyon, recovered to complete a good job from Michael Hooper following the Australian touch (7-10, 11th).

Zaminet is no longer 100%!

After a new penalty from the back of the Blues (14th), Nova Lolesio blocked a pass from the goal and allowed the Wallabies to take the lead (14-13, 20). Before the break, after a new penalty from the Australian opener (26th), Cameron Vaughan had to work his way through a ruck (17-20, 36th) to put France ahead. Shortly afterwards, Teddy thought he was at the end of a French counter start by Thomas Zaminette, but Arthur Vincent’s forward at the start of the move did not invalidate the racing 92 winger’s (39th) attempt. After the siren, Lolesio did not miss the chance to equalize in half (20-20). On his return from the locker room, Pierre-Louis Parasi went there for his test after more than 80 meters, where the “French player” was correctly described, and the blues seemed to get the upper hand (20-27, 47th). But it was Dave Rennie’s players who took the best spot. A penalty from Daniela Tubu (51st) and Lolesio (73rd) allowed Australia to regain control (30-27) while missing the first penalty (54th) with Geminet Blues.

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Bloom is better than Blues

If the latter returned to balance (75th), Lolesio again punished the spectators’ errors (79th). In the final moments, a scratch from Anthony Etrillard was rewarded and France touched … but the ball was useless and the Wallabies came out of it again with nothing, in the first Test (23-21). In the end, this XV of France is never ridiculous and even won a crowd (26-28), so it is possible to return with a sense of duty fulfilled, while some have made strong records and replaced some cards. However, the fact that this last meeting was played almost entirely in numerical superiority should leave some regrets. The next meeting for the mob in the Chaldeans in November was with Argentina (6th), Georgia (14th) and especially New Zealand (20th) on the menu. Until then, there will obviously be better choices for the French coach. A good omen ahead of the 2023 World Cup in France.