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France Beaudoin and En direct de l’univers provide an important clarification regarding the performance of Karine Vanasse

Every Saturday evening, France Baudouin and her team En direct de l’univers always prepare great shows and performances to pay homage to the world of our favorite artists.

This week, he’s a highly regarded Quebec stand-up comedian who qualifies as being.

This is Emile Proulx-Clottier, who is known in particular to have played in the famous series before the collapse with Eric Bruno and Karen Vanasse.

Many artists have come to perform for Con Emile, such as Karen Vanasse, Pierre Flynn, The Metropolitan Orchestra, Natasha Canape-Fontaine, Kim Richardson, and many others. The viewers highly praised these performances!

One of the shows that caused the biggest reaction was that of Karen Vanasse, who interpreted a slam titled “Force Oceane” written by Emile Proulx-Clottier. It was so cool!

Many viewers of the Live from the universe production asked for the slam dunk to be published, and they very much appreciated it. And the production fulfilled their wish!

Here’s what the production said about the song:

Many of you have asked us to script “Force Oceane” after Karine Vanasse’s performance.
Here are the beautiful words by Emile Proulx-Cluttier “

Here are the slam words by Emil:

Here are some reactions from netizens about these slam words:

“A man of a thousand talents and what a beautiful human being! Our beautiful language has been honored tonight!”

“Very beautiful text, the power of words!”

“A wonderful text by this talented artist.”

“Poetry that brews! I like it! What a talent Emilina has ♥️”

“A great writer, a touching script, and a great actress. Congratulations and thanks for all this talent 😘 »

Viewers certainly liked the script by Emile Proulx-Clottier and the interpretation by Karen Vanasse! He encourages!

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Congratulations to France and their team on another successful Saturday night!

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