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Fox News, The Cancer of American Democracy

This right-wing mouthpiece—sometimes a disdain for an information network—going through turmoil says a lot about the political climate of our neighbors.

Yes, the word “news” is in quotes. In fact, the network that dominates the ratings of continuous news channels in the United States is primarily a propaganda apparatus for the right and the Republican Party.

These days, this lucrative jewel of the Australian-American billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is going through storms that could cost him dearly.

$1.6 billion lawsuit

First, the network is the subject of a huge defamation lawsuit brought by voting machine maker Dominion Voting Systems. US courts rarely sanction news outlets in this type of lawsuit, but Dominion’s evidence is so strong that Fox News is in grave danger of cashing out.

The facts revealed in this case are devastating. Internal conversations at Fox likely prove that the network’s stars continued to spread false rumors of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election when they knew full well the rumors were unfounded.

As Fox loses its right-wing viewers crack to networks like Newsmax and OANN, its officials are finding it better to serve listeners the lies they want to hear rather than the uncomfortable truth. And don’t tell me others do too! This type of disease is infinitely more present on the right than on the left.

Bleach on January 6, 2021

Other controversy surrounds star host Tucker Carlson’s pathetic attempt to whitewash the Capitol rebels, which aired Monday night.

It was already outrageous that Carlson had been granted exclusive access to 42,000 hours of video by an arbitrary decision of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (in response to extortion by right-wing crack representatives in his own party).

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Carlson added a layer of it by demanding that the Trumpian rebels be liberated and treated as heroes, in order to cement his hold over the millions of listeners who are brainwashed daily by listening to him.

By the way, this is the same Carlson who, in private communications, despises the gullibility of his listeners and says about Donald Trump that he “hates him terribly.”

A major cleanup is coming to Fox News and we’re not done hearing about how this network is doing damage to democracy.

Contagious disease

American democracy is sick, and if it ends up going through with it, those doing the autopsy will define News as the cancerous cancer that led to its downfall.

You could say that this American problem does not concern us, but a large number of Canadians watch Fox News and end up believing the lies that this channel spreads.

As we saw in our country during “Freedom Caravans,” such intellectual acid rain risks tipping the Canadian right toward the populist paranoia that has plagued the Republican Party. This interests us.