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Fox News breaks up with Tucker Carlson, America’s ‘most popular’ Trump supporter

“Fox News Splits With Tucker Carlson.” The news carries more weight in America. that The New York Times He devotes a life to himThis Monday, April 24, on its website.

At 53, host “Most popular in prime time” There was a conservative channel “The Source of Much Concern and Controversy” For Murdoch Family Media, the East Coast newspaper explains. His controversial positions on immigration, the rights of LGBT people or the issue of race have made him a symbol of Trumpist America, but they have also earned him a lot of criticism.

Notification is coming “Within a week after Fox Corp., [la maison mère de Fox News] Agreed to pay $787.5 million” to Dominion Voting Bodies to avoid libel suit. chain – “And first place is Tucker Carlson.” – had accused the Electronic Voting Machine Company of rigging the 2020 presidential election results without evidence.

however, “His sudden departure surprised his colleagues at Fox News and those around the conservative media. [américains]Mr. Carlson played the role of kingmaker and polemicist.”. The latter hosted a prime time show, From Tucker Carlson Tonight, 2016. He also became an icon on the Fox News streaming platform, where he appeared on a talk show three times a week, and signed a podcast deal with the channel.

Many pans

for that The New York Times, “It wasn’t just what Mr. Carlson said on the air that got him in trouble.”. Messages exchanged with former US President Donald Trump’s aides have been made public – to the chagrin of some of his Republican supporters. She was the subject of a complaint by one of her former co-workers, Abby Grossberg, who accused her of creating a toxic and misogynistic work environment. FoxNews.

Despite these scandals, the US host should have no problem transferring. “With such disrepute, he could very easily find a position within other conservative media outlets, or create his own platform.” According to the New York newspaper, the Russian channel Russia today He would have offered him a chance just hours after he announced his exit FoxNews. US media have already announced that different providers will follow each other on air pending a permanent replacement.

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