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Four district committees within a month

Four district committees within a month

District committees aim to give residents a voice and encourage their participation in local decisions, thus contributing to the development of local democracy.

Meetings proposed by the municipality It aims above all else to be spaces for dialogue, consultation and suggestions in the service of the general interest of the city and its residents, select Reading. It allows residents to participate in improving their living environment in terms of environment, city planning, traffic and safety. The municipality is thus in a position to better meet the expectations of Fontenoises and Fontenois. The latter itself can better understand municipal work and its relationship to the search for the public interest, as well as the improvement of public services, especially local ones..
The municipality divides the municipality into four districts and assigns dates to each three times a year. However, each inhabitant can participate in the committee whose time suits him best and whose following dates are proposed on Thursday 27 January at 7 pm, Wednesday 2 February at 7 pm, Monday 7 February at 7 pm and Wednesday 9 February at 7 pm. All these meetings take place in a cafeteria in the Steinier complex.

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