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Foundation Saison 1 Episode 4 - Foundation Saison 1 : Une série de science-fiction à la hauteur de ses ambitions créatives (sur Apple TV+)

Foundation Season 1: A sci-fi series that lives up to its creative ambitions (on Apple TV+)

after, after Brave New World Last year, another classic sci-fi movie found its way onto the small screen. Brought to you by Apple TV + Enterprise, Free adaptation for Foundation Course by Isaac Asimov developed by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, Man of Steel) and Josh Friedman (Snowpiercer).

The series takes us to the 13th millennium of the Imperial era, when Dr. Harry Seldon (Jared Harris) predicted the impending collapse of the Empire using psychological history – a mathematical prediction of the future, quite simply. Only Harry and Gal Dornick (Le Lobel) can understand the equations that frighten Clons (Lee Pace, Terence Mann and Cassian Pelton), rulers of a dynasty of Emperor clones, who send them to Terminus, a small, isolated planet on the outskirts of the galaxy, so they can continue their work and create foundation without interfering with the development of the empire.

Adaptation Foundation is definitely not easy And talking about the series without getting bogged down in spoilers is also a challenge, as there’s almost too much to explain all of this to make sense. It must be said that the original material is a compilation of news that makes up a story that spans a very long time with multiple viewpoints. A style that is undeniably more manageable on paper than on screen. Unless we’re looking at an anthology, we want recurring characters we can invest in and a narrative whose immediate issues can be easily discerned.

The creative team behind this first season has been able to do a great deal of honor in the field thanks to the segmentation of episodes that allows enough space and time for the evolution of the different characters and their energies. The narrative structure is still a bit confusing at times, because they deny many of the dramatic risks very quickly at the beginning of the series. After a couple of episodes, you almost have to start from scratch and that’s troubling, until you start to realize the bigger picture you want to present to us.

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Thus, we have been told about the fall of the empire over a period of several centuries and we have been told about the actions of various groups, because we cannot predict what a reclusive person will do. The Foundation then explores with this idea that the future of humanity is emerging on a large scale.But we don’t know what role each of us will play in this story. So we come to discuss the importance and long-term unimportance of individuals, and thus their influence and the legacy they build. Reflection includes both those who are at the height of power and those who have nothing. The purpose of Hari Seldon’s founding is first and foremost to choose what is worth remembering to help future generations rise after the inevitable fall. In response, the season explores how what is remembered and forgotten from the past can shape the future.

With the huge budget allocated to this series, It was easy to make Foundation a simple visual experience. The special effects are beautiful, and the universe is massive, diverse, and full of exciting details. We have here technically high level production, But it wouldn’t have worked without a strong script and an equally powerful crew.

There are no big stars in the credits, but actors with enough experience – Jared Harris, Terrence Mann and Lee Pace, are certainly values ​​that don’t disappoint here – and new faces who have the opportunity to show their talents – like Lou Llobell, but especially Leah Harvey (who plays Salvor Harden). The overproduction does not detract from the fact that it is the characters who provide the plots and help us understand the complexity of this story thought over time and not in its vicissitudes.

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This is the first season of An institution that does not lack surprises, but they do not act as columns to stabilize the story. The series is cleverly written and makes use of superior production quality to present us with a human adventure on an impressive scale.. The result is a very good sci-fi show that is rich in narrative and themes, emotionally mature and visually beautiful that lives up to its ambitions.

It doesn’t end there, Season 2 of the Foundation has been officially commissioned by Apple TV+.