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FouKi didn’t miss his shot at his first show at the Videotron Center

Accessible and energetic rhythmic rap, an audience that wanted to party and guests, a good sound and a very energetic and dynamic performance, FouKi gathered the right ingredients for his first visit to the Videotron Center.

As he sings in SPALA, the third title of the evening, in a duet with Vendou, the recipe for spaghetti bread with garlic was a great success. All ingredients were present and especially tasty.

The presence of many guests, with Alicia Moffet, Petit Bellevue, Impossible, Vendo, Corias and Jay Scott, contributed to this great evening of family hip-hop.

A rising figure in Quebec rap, Fouki performed on a huge stage, in half an amphitheater with about 4,000 spectators. Audience from young to very young with many parents giving their children their first show experience. We were rocking and shaking our heads on the ground and in the stands. There was atmosphere.

FouKi didn't miss his shot at his first show at the Videotron Center

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

Presented, as we do hockey players, with a green cap on his head and dressed all in white, FouKi, captain of the Zayon, started the evening with an Oui toi of opus Grignotines de luxe.

people on stage

The scenery is majestic. There is a platform and eight musicians and singers. During the ceremony, we will also visit the dancers and mascots with big heads. There were many people on the boards.

“But tell me where the love is,” sings Leo “FouKi” Fougères, who sang lead on almost all of the songs on his new album, Zayon.

The crowd is participating, and the 26-year-old rapper got the impression that he’s in front of a crowd twice as large as during his visit to Place Bell, in Laval, on April 8.

“You’re burning up in Quebec. It’s unbelievable. I feel like home,” he said, before later returning a Nordique jersey to Zion.

St-Han Quinzou, with a visit to P’tit Belliveau, sparked a moment of sheer frenzy with nearly twenty people on stage, celebrating “St-Jean” beforehand.

“It’s party time. Go crazy on the right track. Evening party,” they sing. This was exactly what happened.

FouKi didn't miss his shot at his first show at the Videotron Center

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

During the ensuing make-up, FouKi took a big sip from a bottle of champagne.

FouKi had saved himself from the big bombs of the finale with On L’Fait with Imposs and for the appearance of Ciel, with Alicia Moffet, co-pilot with Jay Scott, dressed in a Remparts shirt and Gayé, where FouKi, accompanied by a guitarist, was standing on a box, Near the sound and lighting unit. A smoky, moody and festive finale that caps a non-stop performance.

Greg and his guests

Dead Obies member Greg “Snail Kid” Beaudin performed at the opening act, his second concert as a solo artist, since releasing his Tiamat work, Mon amour.

“It’s my second show as a solo artist and it’s at the Videotron Center,” he said, sure impressed to get this opportunity to perform on such a big stage.

“You guys are amazing. I give you 10 out of 10,” he said.

As FouKi, Greg Bowden, accompanied by guest DJ Jean-Michel Frédéric, dance drummer and guest saxophone player, entertained many visiting guests with Iman from the Alaclair Ensemble, Bazzart, Les Louanges and his friend Joe Rocca from Dead Obie.

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Woah là!, with Eman and “bluesy” Pas toi, with Les Louanges, two Quebec City artists, were the highlights of this performance augmented by the presence of guests.