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Fortune smiles on these three astrological signs in March 2022

Fortune smiles on these three astrological signs in March 2022

The month of love gives way to the month of daydreaming! Instead, the movement of the stars will favor these three astrological signs. The natives of Aries, Aquarius and Pisces are likely to be especially lucky during the month of March.

The month of March is not like any other: it is the last month and, accordingly, the first of the sidereal year. The current season, which ends in Pisces card on March 20, will give way to a new era thanks to the enthusiasm of Aries.

First and foremost, we will see a new moon in Pisces on March 2, followed by a full moon in Virgo on March 17. As Venus and Mars swing into Aquarius from the first week of the month, lightning strikes are expected this month!

What do these stellar conditions hold for you?

The 3 luckiest zodiac signs:


The first part of the month invites Aries to do some introspective work. When Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6th, this fire sign may feel intoxicated. Aries will want to renew their vows of love or, if they are single, open up to the person who makes their heart beat. Since Aries prefers to be in action rather than daydreaming, he will be happy to know that energy will take another turn on March 21, when the Sun enters his sign. The natives of this astrological sign will be pushed by a new impulse. The time will be well chosen to go first on the project, because the enthusiasm will be there!

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It’s not because the sun is no longer shining in their sign that Aquarius is no longer a favourite… quite the opposite! If the past few weeks have been particularly eventful, especially on a professional level, then the daily life of an Aquarius should be blessed. This gentle calm comes from the presence of Venus and Mars in his astrological sign. In this month, Aquarius feels the need to connect with others. His social circle, which is already at the center of his priorities, will occupy all the space. Pleasant, pleasant and even romantic moments are expected. This relational dynamic will give him the motivation to get everything else done.


When the sun rises in Pisces for a good part of the month, everything seems to be smiling on this astrological sign. The energy in heaven allows him to reconnect with what he knows how to do best, namely creativity, dreaming and loving. More than ever, native Pisces will want to show off, whether in a project or a relationship. If he tends to forget about himself, Pisces will know how to surround himself better this month. It’s time to celebrate your difference!