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Fortnite x NBA Team Fight, How do you participate & win VBucks?  - Brick Flip

Fortnite x NBA Team Fight, How do you participate & win VBucks? – Brick Flip

Team fights take place in Fortnite, marking the crossover with NBA!

Cross over It is an electronic game X NBA has just started, and it will soon be possible to get the skins related to the 30 teams in the game to support them! But this is not all, because it is also possible to participate in a competition that takes place over five days: Team fights.

You can then Support the team you choose You earn him points by completing missions. If your team finishes out of the three teams with the most points, you will get Bonuses !

Team Battles in Fortnite, how do you participate?

An all-new competition takes place in Fortnite from May 19 to 23: Team Battles. To participate, go to Official contest page, And log in to your Epic Games account.

You will then need to:

  • Choose thy Favorite NBA Team
  • Return to the home page of the site to find out mission Which you have to achieve
  • Every mission will pay off He points to your team

You can Get free bonuses In two ways. The first is being part of someone 3 teams with the most points At the end of the competition. You can then win:

  • First team 500 V-Bucks and a Tournament Cup Back
  • The second team : 300 V-Bucks
  • The third team : 100 V-Bucks

The other way to get rewards is to complete the following tasks:

  • Spin spray! Complete 3 missions
  • Signboard Complete the five daily tasks

Nba-forntite-fight-team rewardsFeel free to participate in the contest to get these free rewards!

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