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Formula 1 |  Russell asks F1 to review Australia's place in the calendar

Formula 1 | Russell asks F1 to review Australia’s place in the calendar

George Russell said in Melbourne that F1 would like to review the place of the Australian Grand Prix on the calendar in the future.

This season, which saw the 2020 and 2021 editions canceled due to the global Govt-19 epidemic, the Australian event is the third round of the championships in Bahrain and Jeddah. From 1996 to 2019, it was always the opening race of the season, except twice in Bahrain, which already had this honor.

The driver of the Mercedes F1 will look at this Grand Prix as a starter in the future or at least keep it in a very consistent manner because of all the obstacles it causes and with a good perspective.

“It was great to have Melbourne as the opening player of the season because everyone came here with a lot of expectations and excitement. But it’s very difficult to set this race apart in the middle of other events, especially the teams and everyone. That’s too much. It needs to be reconsidered. “

“There’s no reason not to hold this event next week for a race in the Middle East. The time spent in this area of ​​the race feels like a double title for teams anyway. With the world and the seasons getting longer and longer, we need to find a better balance.”

Sergio Perez, the Red Bull driver, agrees with his British rival and wants to add a double head to the race in the future.

“Since we are doing winter trials in Bahrain, this project is working well at the moment, so it makes sense to hold the first race there.

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Guanyu Cho, who discovers Albert Park this weekend, also mentions the pattern of discrepancies in the F1 calendar.

“For me the problem does not come from Australia, but since we are in this part of the world, it makes more sense for the next race to be in a region closer than Europe. All work and travel make life. Teams are very difficult.”

Finally, Mick Schumacher also responded to the obstacles posed by the calendar.

“I agree that teams are forced to do a lot of back and forth. We’ll travel from Australia to Europe and then to Miami, in other words we’ll go to three continents in three races. I understand. It’s very difficult for them.”