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Former President Trump has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him

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Donald Trump is innocent. Former US President Donald Trump has denied the charges against him in a historic criminal trial in a court in Manhattan, New York.

In 2016, Mr. Trump has been sued. He is to be tried in a trial that will weigh heavily on his bid to win the presidential election.

He arrived three-quarters of an hour early and then, at the scheduled time, 2.15pm local time, he entered the courtroom, passing a corridor lined with cameras and journalists. He did not speak to reporters as he would have liked.

Our reporter in the US reports that the former president entered without saying a word, covering his face. Guillaume Naudin. Mr. Trump had spoken upstream on his social network.

And so, Donald Trump finds himself being notified of the allegations, which will be numerous and kept under seal until the end. We don’t have access yet.

His attorneys say from the outset they should explore all legal options to avoid prosecution. Donald Trump’s fingerprints were taken, but his full face and profile photos were not.

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